This is a Zelda-like asset pack for Game Boy games and works great with GB Studio, but you can use it for whatever you want.

Please press the "run asset pack" button to start an example GB Studio game i made. There are 4 rooms that show off most of the interior tiles and some of the character sprites. Leave the room to go to the next scene. 

This pack contains:

  • A bunch of animated character sprites
  • An interior tileset
  • The GBstudio files for reference


  • 32 player character variations with walk animation (can also be used as npc)
  • An assortiment of non playable animated characters and animals
  • 12 emote bubbles

You can add some more variety to these sprites by swapping palettes if you decide to use colors. An advantage of only using 3 colors is simple palette swapping.


  • Tileable stone counter and floor
  • Tileable wood walls
  • Tall and short tileable tree walls
  • Some 8x8 and 16x16 objects (a few are taken directly from my previous asset pack)
  • Stackable boxes and barrels
  • Customizable closets/cabinets
  • Tileable tables with pillows and chairs

I always try to give my own spin on my assets so i hope they don't look too much like pre-existing ones.

You can use these assets in any way you want but credits are very much appreciated.

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GBOracles Character And Interior Pack 402 kB

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Wow! these animations are so well detailed, I'm impressed how much you can get out of 16x16 tiles!

would be possible to make this a rpgmaker version? thanks

Just got this one. It's fire! 


Just bought your GB Oracles assets bundle these passed few days, and i gotta say... Im pretty impressed! Your work is exactly what i was looking for! Thank you very much!!!

I absolutely love these. I'm using them to learn C++ on my Picosystem.

If it's possible, it would be great to have the interior assets in a compact form, like in the environment pack.


would it be possible to have the interior tileset as 8x8 loose tiles, like you did for the environment pack? makes it easy to import for various engines/editors :) no worry if you don’t have the time now, I can wait or do it myself


I put it on my to-do list ;)


Really digging the resolution and the color palette! You do some great work.

Thank you kindly!


Hi GibbonGL, that is a great asset right there. Full of nostalgia and potential! Really dig your style, so much that I'm wondering if you do commission work. Let me know, have a nice day!

Thank you so much! I have never done a commission before but i could give it a try. Feel free to DM me on twitter.


this is great! really captures the best memories of gbc top-down adventure games. thanks for making these! big step up from programmer art to make a nice game ^^’

I have too many projects to do already but I would have got the bundle if I didn’t already have the other pack :)

Thanks again my friend, i really appreciate the kind words.

Good luck with your projects :)


now I have it!! thanks so much for the special offer :)

You're very welcome, thanks again!

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Amazing too. Thank you for your work and passion

Thank you so much, that means a lot :)

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Yes!!! I was hoping you’d make this! Insta-buy!

Thanks for your support! :D


of course! by the way, do you happen to have the colorized versions on hand? if not maybe you could share the palette you used?

I reuploaded the files to include a screenshot of the palettes i used in gbstudio