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These monochrome 16x16 top-down tilesets and sprites are perfect for rpg's like zelda or pokémon-like games. It's partially based on my GBOracles series, but there's a lot of completely new stuff here. These assets work great with low spec systems like the Playdate, GB Studio, and anything that requires 1-bit graphics or very little memory. Of course it works in modern engines as well. 

This pack includes:


  • 4 house and building types
  • flat and pointed roofs in different styles
  • a few doors and windows
  • stone patch borders
  • stone castle walls
  • mountain/hill walls
  • animated waterfall
  • ocean horizon with clouds
  • 2 simple water animations
  • 3 trees and a giant mushroom and some smaller variants
  • a bunch of small plants, grasses, and flowers
  • modular bushes with and without flowers
  • modular planters with flowers
  • a large and a small tree trunk
  • 5 large plants
  • a vine plant
  • 3 rocks and a crystal
  • minecart rails and cart
  • 2 wells
  • 2 signs
  • a dog house
  • a clothes line
  • 6 gravestones
  • a broken and  whole pillar


  • 3 types of interior walls
  • 2 types of dungeon walls
  • dungeon ladders, doors, and levers
  • building stairs and elevator
  • a bunch modular closets, cabinets, and displays
  • 2 types of modular tables with pillow seats
  • 2 types of modular counters
  • 2 fireplaces
  • a sink, a stove and a cupboard
  • a chest, a pot, a barrel, and boxes
  • 2 beds and some seats
  • 4 potted plants
  • a computer, a television with a console
  • a radio and a jukebox
  • 2 clocks
  • a bunch of books and notes
  • some food related items
  • a christmas tree with presents


  • pecking an flying bird
  • hopping frog
  • flying bat
  • bouncing slime

Using only 2 colors poses some unique challenges and sometimes it can be hard to distinguish what something is supposed to be. If anything is unclear or doesnt look quite right, just let me know so i can try to improve it.

You can use these assets however you want but credits are highly appreciated. If you decide to use this in your game i would love to see what you make in the comments!

Thanks and enjoy :)

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GenreRole Playing
Tags16x16, 1-bit, monochrome, Pixel Art, pokemon, Retro, Tileset, Top-Down, zelda
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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ITS BEAUTIFUL AND I MUST HAVE IT!  thanks for this one!  Im learning to use these 1bit tiles!


these could be handy for a monochrome dream sequence or a colour-based boss fight!

For sure, i like that idea


yesss yes yes!!


Exactly what I was looking for!!! Thank you 

Glad you like it :)


these are so pretty!!

Thank you!